We proofread our universe and add the missing commas, through our ICT products


The art of painting with words is our forte, our translation canvas covers many firms


We are dedicated to the second important need in Maslow’s prism; namely “Career”



We are like the most of millennials who share the same passion, we are trying to create a life of value chain that benefits everyone. We outthink Corporates and our dreams are too big to be kept into our heads, sustained by a high pay-check, or stifled by big corporates.


A group of 3 Egyptians who share more than just kinship, decided to found this Cairo-based Startup to voice their ambitious and manifest their dreams in this life, we come with different talents suite of ICT, Translation and Career Services


We are giving our undivided attention to the marginalized hemisphere; the underserved yet to-be fulfilled services. We want to proofread the universe, by removing questions, and exclamation marks, adding the missing space, comma, and period when needed. Our debut is “Sharity” a shared-value platform.


We have mastered the art of painting with words, our Translation canvas covers broad range of firms, from economic, sustainable development, to FMCG and legal documents.

Backed with 15+ years of experience, and a professional diploma in Legal, UN translation, and interpreting.


Emerging from D&G's Online Recruitment, one of the leading Online Recruitment Facebook page in Egypt & the Middle East.

Cairenes Career will keep offering a unique package of Human Resources Services to the Arabian Community.

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